Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Where to buy swag

I have written about finding the right accountant, getting a good business coach, and finding the right outdoor advertising system.

I'd like to talk more about "swag". I have mentioned it before because I used to work for JH Studios, Inc who sells Promotional Products

Promo products are those things that companies pass out at tradeshows. Sometimes it's a stress reliever. Other times it's a sticky note pad. I've seen frisbees and dart-men as well.

The great thing about promotional products is that you can achieve a huge number of impressions for your dollar. Studies have shown that when a person finds they no longer need or want the promotional product, they often give it away instead of throwing it away, That gives your advertising a second life!

Make sure you choose a promo product that provides value to your potential customer and has some connection to who you are and what you do.

I still recommend JH Studios because I experienced on a daily basis the level of expertise and follow through they use to ensure your product is delivered on time and perfectly printed.

One of the owners is an excellent artist as well and can help you with a new logo to ensure your brand is well represented on all your signs and printed products.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to choose a business coach

Choosing the right business coach might be one of the most important decisions you ever make when it comes to the success of your business.

When an NFL team wins a SuperBowl, sure, the individual players get their glory, but everyone knows it doesn't happen without a great coach. When a team loses, who gets fired? It's the coach. If the world of professional sports understands the importance of great coaching, then the business world should as well.

So, lets take a look at how to hire the right business coach.

Start by asking some questions like "Do you have experience with financial statements?" and "Can you explain financial statements in layman's terms?"

If you use QuickBooks and your coach purports to be a ProAdvisor, ask them about their experience. You don't want a coach that is certified, but not practiced. You need someone who knows it inside and out with a comfort level that only comes from everyday use and familiarity.

Ask about the clients they have served in the past. See if they have experience in your industry. Each industry will have nuanced challenges and opportunities. You want a coach that has experience in your field, and maybe some surrounding fields so he or she knows how your business will interact with your vendors and clients.

Make sure you can relate to and understand your coach. You have to be comfortable with and fully trust your coach. You have to believe the the coach has your best interest at heart.

I may write more about this next month when I continue talking about Business Coaching.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What Should You Ask Your Accountant

At tax time, when you are considering an accountant to file your taxes for you, there are some questions you might ask to help determine if they are the right accountant for you and your business.

Get a longer list here: Accountability Team

Are you a CPA, an Enrolled Agent, or an unlicensed accountant?
What are your prices and what might cost extra?
Do you offer hourly rates for other services?
What are my deadlines if I don't want to file an extension?
What are my secondary deadlines with an extension?
How do you handle an IRS audit?
How quickly will you respond to my questions?
Can you break down an explanation of a tax return into simple language?

Your accountant or CPA will also ask you questions. Depending on your answers, they may ask more questions. Based on these answers, you will be provided with a list of documents and other details you may need to provide. As they work on your return, additional details may be needed. Be sure they know how to reach you and be sure you make yourself available to them.

Get to know your CPA before tax time to ensure you are comfortable with them and can easily communicate when needed.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Selah Sanctuary-Spencer's Recovery

Selah Sanctuary-Spencer's Recovery

My family and I have fostered dogs for several years. We took some time off after our own dog, Logan, passed away.

Today, God put a new dog into our lives. We named him "Spencer".

Spencer was walking in the middle of the highway (US 41 in Gibsonton FL) and could have been hit. When we stopped for him, he was an instant friend! He has what looks like Demodex (mange) and is very malnourished, but we've dealt with these issues before.

The huge difference: this time we're doing it solo. In the past, we have fostered for Rugaz Rescue, but with crowdfunding becoming so popular, we want to give it a shot on our own.

If you're an animal lover with a few bucks to spare, please visit our GoFundMe page and give whatever you can. If you don't have the cash, but can spread the word, please do that as well.

Let's give Spencer his best shot at a great life and a forever home!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Making pennies

After doing just about nothing for several years, my blog is starting to make about a penny a month with no clicks. Obviously this, in itself, isn't going to make me want to put too much time into blogging, but it shows that a little traffic is starting to flow. I think it's CPM that Google doesn't allow us to talk about, so I'll skip that part.

Since this blog is really geared toward other purposes and the adsense is just an aside, I'm happy to see the pennies coming in. (A penny a day would be nice...)

Daytona Beach Balloon Rental

One of the things my wife and I enjoy is just getting in the car and driving. We started dating in March, so for our dating anniversary we sometimes found our way over to Daytona Beach and would end up right in the middle of bike week.

The only bike I ever owned was a Honda Elite 150 (That's a scooter)

I had ATVs, but that's completely different.

So, all I could do is watch and wish when I saw all the amazing custom bikes riding the Volusia County streets.

That was a lot of years ago. Now that I am in business I have a different perspective on this. Bike week, the Daytona 500, the Coke Zero 400 and all the other NASCAR events are people magnets. With people, comes money to spend.

If you're a business owner in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach or Port Orange and you'd like to collect on some of this spending, I suggest outdoor advertising with Daytona Beach Balloon Rental.

That's Giant Balloon Rental based in Orlando, but serves the entire state.
In addition to giant advertising balloons, Giant Balloon Rental offers searchlights, LED signs, helium balloons and helium tank rental.