Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Windows is the wost OS ever

...except for every other OS I've tried.

Using 8.1, there is a Lock Screen.

I changed the image on that lock screen. Great!

The time and date are displayed and clash with my chosen image.

Microsoft didn't consider the fact that MAYBE some of us might not want their time and date to appear on our lock screen. I mean, the computer belongs to me. Shouldn't I be able to do with it whatever I want?

As a programmer, it's a simple thing to give an option to TURN SOMETHING OFF!

Even editing the registry isn't doing exactly what I want.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

CPA Monthly Write up

Small business owners tend to spend their time working for their clients, and find that bookkeeping is a time-sink that detracts them from their core tasks. Hiring a CPA to do your monthly write-ups is a good way to minimize this time commitment so you can concentrate on making a profit.

When your CPA does your monthly write-up, he or she will likely reconcile your bank account, generate an income statement and balance sheet, review and correct your general ledger and provide some consultation.

This is the bedrock of your accounting system. Ask your CPA about this and other accounting services such as tax prep, business & personal tax planing and payroll.

If you don't already have a CPA or you're looking for a new one, please visit my client's website: or call Tanya Higginbotham at 813-689-6413.

Business Growth

Often, when I post information about business coaching, my focus is on those businesses that are struggling and need a business consultant to help get them back on track.

Today I want to switch my focus to those that are successfully running a business, making a profit, have healthy relationships with their employees, customers and vendors, and are considering expansion.

One doesn't just roll out of bed one morning with full plans for expansion and run with it. Expansion, if done incorrectly, can actually be harmful to your business. 

Here are some things to consider to ensure you get the results you are looking for. 

Market Intelligence
Will the market support the expansion? If your competitors are successfully expanding, it may be a good sign that your expansion will also succeed. Consider if there is a population shift that may allow you to expand into a newly populated area.

Economies of Scale
Will expansion allow you to purchase product and supplies in bulk, resulting in lower cost per unit? Consider if a higher sales volume will allow you to reduce your prices to better compete.

Cash Flow
Do you have proven numbers that your current cash flow will support the expansion, and that the expansion will positively affect your profits quickly? Purchasing or leasing a new building or renovating your current facilities can be costly. Additional equipment, supplies and product also add to your immediate and ongoing expenses. Before even considering a bank loan, plan ahead for how you will repay it. Don't expand yourself to death.

Consider how world events may impact demand for your product or service. Is your product recession proof? Will people still need your services when terrorists strike around the world? Does your business have the financial fortitude to withstand a time when demand drops off, waiting for a recovery?

As you expand, you may have to relinquish control of some aspects of your business by delegating tasks you are accustomed to performing on your own. Are you prepared to do that? Do you have management in place to handle those tasks?

Do you have the experience required to successfully manage a business expansion? A business coach or business consultant can help you through this process. Cynthia Alloway, of Common Sense Business Solutions, has been through this process for a variety of clients and knows how to help you through these and other considerations and get you headed down the right path to expanded success.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Winter Tree Care

Nothing cleans house like "company's coming".

Let the same be said of your trees and shrubs. Winter is the time for northern visitors to migrate to our warmer weather. Let them find your home or business looking it's best with well manicured trees and shrubs.

You'll want a well established tree trimming company with years of experience working on Florida's native trees as well as any exotics that you may have. In business since 1976, the professionals at Mid Florida Tree Service are sure to know how to best care for all your trees.

Safety first. With all the extra guests arriving, it's a good time to consider tree safety as well. Let Mid Florida Tree Service trim the deadwood from your trees to prevent falling limbs from damaging property or injuring your guests or neighbors.

Clean up. If summer storms have done a number on your trees or lot, let Mid Florida Tree Service help get it looking good again.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tax Prep Marketing

December might seem like a long way off from tax day, but for a tax prep company, it's prime time to start thinking about and planning your marketing strategy for the coming season.

Direct mail may end up in the trash and radio and TV commercials all begin to sound the same after a while.

My client, Giant Balloon Rental, offers cold air balloons, helium blimps and giant balloons with helium tank rental, LED signs in single color or full color, SkyTracker searchlights and other outdoor advertising items to draw attention directly to your storefront.

Don't let tax season pass you by without getting the most from your advertising budget.