Friday, August 3, 2018

Pipeline Pigging Considerations

There are various points to consider when choosing the best method for cleaning your industrial pipes. Below are a few of the most important considerations.

What you actually need to accomplish with a pig determines the type of pig you use. The first time you pig, you may choose a smart pig (branded as "Sherlock Pig") to map or re-map your piping system. Blueprints are not always seldom perfect!

If your system needs frequent runs, a pig with replaceable discs may be called for. If your system has tight corners, a flexible poly pig may be required. Professional Piping Services, Inc. (PPSI) has the experience to identify and apply the correct pig to your piping system.

System design and its fittings:
Existing pig launchers and receivers will influence what pigs can be used. Safety closures may be needed to prevent access to the system during cleaning. On the receiving end, a debri collection system will likely need to be implemented. If the system has branches, barred tees may be required to keep the pig on the right course. PPSI can access your system to help plan for whatever your system needs.

Valves and other obstructions:
If the internal diameter (I.D.) of the system varies throughout its course, or valves might interfere with the progress of a pig, PPSI will select a pig that can handle these challenges.

By carefully considering the design, layout, condition, product and objective of the process, PPSI is certain to provide you with the most efficient pipe pigging experience.