Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pipe Poly Pigging in Brandon Florida

Brandon, in Eastern Hillsborough County, is growing fast! All that growth means a lot of development of homes and businesses.

That, of course, requires more drinking water an produces more waste water or sewage.

When the Brandon Florida piping systems require upgrades, or if their flow volume has degraded below designed specifications, there may be a time that Hillsborough County contractors may need the services of a pipe poly pigging expert.

When a new pipe system is completed, it's a good idea to have the fresh system cleaned with a pipe pig to remove any construction debris.

If increase use has highlighted reduced flow in an otherwise functional system, treatment with a poly pig can restore full flow volume, saving huge amounts of time and money.

During the course of pipe maintenance, there may will be times that you find the layout does not match the design. When this happens, an electronic sensor can be pigged through the system to map it foot by foot in 3 dimensions.

Brandon Piping contractors are encouraged to contact Professional Piping Services, Inc. for any for the above Industrial Pipe Maintenance services.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tampa Stump Grinding

If there's a stump in your Tampa yard, it's more than an eyesore. Stumps present a tripping hazard and make sections of your yard unusable. You could get sued if someone gets hurt on it. You might destroy your mower if it's low enough that you forget about it or misjudge the height of your deck.

Some species will keep growing back from the stump, sometime generating a bush. If that's now what you're after, you'll be busy keeping it cut back.

Besides forming unwanted bushes, and tripping your family and friends, and maybe tearing up your lawn equipment, stumps can become diseased. Remember, nature's stump removal is accomplished through termites, carpenter ants and other wood destroying insects, fungus and bacteria.

Tampa residents or business owners who need a stump removed should call Mid Florida Tree Service who have various sized stump grinders for different locations or stump sizes.

Visit to learn more about the services they offer.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tampa Raw Water Pipe Pigging

Over the course of their lifetime, Tampa Bay's raw water pipes need continuous routine maintenance in order to function properly and safely deliver water. Without it, they can be subject to debris, corrosion, and structural failure. Cleaning pigs assist in all areas of pipeline maintenance, including debris removal, as well as helping to clear air out of any lines.

A crucial benefit that cleaning pigs provide is that while they are in use, a pipeline can often still function normally with no interference. Very important for a large metro area like Tampa Bay, that depends heavily on functioning pipelines. Several different sizes of pigs are/can be used in conjunction; for example, a larger pig may be sent into a pipeline for heavy cleaning, followed up by lighter pigs to clean up whatever is left over.

Pigs come in all sorts of different shapes and styles. They can have a gel coating on the exterior, or have a bullet shape, flat ends, or even a crossing pattern style with embedded silicone carbide. Shape dictates the speed in which a pig travels in the pipe, and a faster pig is able to remove more stubborn debris and buildup. Pigs with gel coating are more commonly used for general or light cleaning, while pigs with silicone carbide are used for cleaning lines with buildup or corrosion (this is because the silicone carbide has a rough coating). Additionally, foam pigs offer flexibility when a project requires cleaning pipes with bends or changing-diameters.

Another type of pig is called a "Mandrel"; Mandrel pigs have a metal exterior that contains seals, discs, and scraping equipment. In addition to cleaning and sealing, they can be used to check a line for its diameter, as well as drying lines when needed. Mandrel's have attachments for additional debris-scraping discs, as well as attachments for additional cups and brushes.

Lastly, different pipelines require different pigs. Cleaning a PVC pipe with plastic-bristle foam pigs is okay as the bristles will not remove the coatings and will take care of most of the build-up. A gas line with internal coating will be cleaned by a polyurethane pig, as it doesn't have external cleaning equipment that can harm or remove the coating. If there was no coating, a cleaning pig that is equipped with brushes could be used. Polyurethane pigs are also ideal for cleaning an oil pipeline (or something comparable) as they are strong enough to remove internal wax buildup or even water.

With a population of over 3 million people, it is imperative that Tampa Bay's pipes are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis for the people who depend on them.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Tampa Pipe Mapping

The Tampa Bay Area of Florida is an important metro region with millions of residents and plenty of attractions for tourists. There's Busch Gardens for those that like roller coasters, Adventure Island full of water slides and we have an NFL team, hockey team, and Major League Baseball team. Pinellas county has amazing gulf beaches. We have inland, pier and deep sea fishing. Our northern neighbors love to visit, especially to get away from the harsh winters.

All these people, and therefor businesses, need fresh water and fuel delivered and wastewater and storm water taken away for treatment. That means there are miles and miles of pipes that need to be taken care of. If you happen to be one of those responsible for keeping Tampa's pipes in good operating condition, there may come a time that your piping system, or some section of it, turns out to be a mis-match from the provided design. The desire to track down the original designers or contractors and… well, we'll stop right there because what you really have to track down is the pipes.
You could get out a shovel or backhoe, but that's a lot of disruption, costly downtime and possibly a bunch of beurocratic red tape. This is where the "Sherlock Pig" saves the day.

I've written about Pipe Pigging in other blog posts, but as a brief review, it's a plug like tool that goes inside the piping system and is able to pass through it. Cleaning pigs scrape the interior as they pass. The tracking pig or "detector pig", in our case called "Sherlock", includes a transmitter, allowing it's position to be tracked. It can be used to map mystery legs, find valves and re-map the entire piping system if necessary. Sherlock can also confirm suspected blockages, identify size disparities and find leaks.

Sherlock and related pigs, Watson & Little Piggy, can be used in nearly any pipe, including underwater pipe and subterranean pipes, recording their position & depth.

These smart pigs are minimally disruptive, allowing your system to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Professional Piping Services, Inc. has the training and experience to help with smart-pig pipe mapping as well as pipe pigging for cleaning & maintenance.

Industrial Piping

Tampa Pipe Pigging Alternatives

For piping system engineers and managers, no matter if your product is really product, or perhaps your “product” is actually waste, your pipes have to stay clean or they will fail you. You might experience a reduction of flow over time, or you might face a full blockage. Reduced flow when your transporting product translates to less product per second and therefore less dollars per second. The bean counters won’t like that! If your "product" is waste, then you may have a huge mess to deal with, especially if you have limited upstream storage. Reduced flow costs you more money in electricity, running your pumps harder, possibly wearing them out much more quickly than they normally would.

The cliche' is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, a small amount of downtime for cleaning may prevent days or weeks of downtime caused by a complete system failure. Clean pipes just flow better. Professional Piping Systems, Inc will help you determine what method of pipe cleaning will work best in your system.


For some systems, a high power jet will be required to scrub your pipes. Water jets are effective on any diameter pipe when correct flow and pressure are maintained. High Power Water Jetting is effective against sediment, build-up & debris including roots, cooking or automotive grease, lime scale / hard water mineral scale, sewage and much more. Professional Piping Services Inc. can use your water supply or bring a tank if the job requires it.


If water jetting isn't the right choice, a pipe pig might be. Sometimes called a "poly pig", a pipe pig is an inline device used to scrub the walls of the pipes. Pipe pigs come in a variety of diameters from several inches, to man sized or bigger. The surface of the pig that does the actual scrubbing may vary depending on the material of the pipe and the debris that needs to be removed. A smart pig may also be used to verify the location of lost pipes and valves, where reality and blueprints don't actually match.


Professional Piping Services Inc. is headed by Roger M Cimbora Sr., General Manager. Mr Cimbora is a trusted expert when it comes to industrial pipe maintenance & flow restoration. He's been In the industry since the 1950's! His knowledge & experience are invaluable to academia and his peers.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pipe Pigging for Potable Water Pipes in Orlando Florida

Potable water pipes are treated differently than other types of flow systems. Because the main product that runs through the potable water pipes is actually consumable. Pipe pigging for potable water pipes in Orlando Florida should be done by an experienced professional.

What is Pipe Pigging?

Pipe pigging is a process that cleans dirty pipes. It's usually a large component that fills the diameter of the potable water pipes. It will have brushes or other scraping components that eat away at the corrosion or buildup within the potable water pipes. Hence, the name "pigging".

Why Do Potable Water Pipes Need To Be Pigged?

Potable water pipes can have build up within them that cause bacteria to grow. With the flow of drinking water that passes through these contaminants can potentially reach the consumer if pipe pigging for potable water pipes in Orlando Florida is not done regularly. Another reason pipe pigging for potable water pipes in Orlando Florida is done is due to a contaminant that has already been detected. Pipe pigging can usually be done without stopping the flow. In cases where there are known contaminants, the potable water flow would be stopped. Pipe pigging for potable water pipes in Orlando Florida would be done. Then a flushing of the system to ensure there are no traces of contaminants left in the lines is done. Next, the flow would be turned back on once safe potable water is detected.

Pipe pigging for potable water pipes in Orlando Florida is done to keep the drinking water safe for consumption. It also helps keep the lines free from buildup and bacterial growth. This means that pipe pigging for potable water pipes in Orlando Florida assists in keep the environment clean. Dirty, contaminated water that is unsafe for drinking is usually unsafe for dumping as well. A pipe pigging professional in Orlando Florida is available to answer questions and concerns about potable water pipes and how the pipe pigging process works.

Pipe pigging also increases production in potable water pipes. Clean systems that have no buildup allow water to flow freer and more smoothly. Without blockages or slow flow issues, pumps and other components attached to the system aren't overworked. This helps keep the potable water pipes well maintained and increases the longevity of use. Pipe pigging for potable water pipes in Orlando Florida increases the efficiency of the water pipe lines. This cuts down the costs in production and processing the potable water prior to it reaching the consumer.

Pipe pigging has been used for many years to keep potable water pipes in Orlando Florida clean and running efficiently. It's an environmentally friendly alternative to using harsh chemicals that may or may not work. Pipe pigging for potable water pipes should always be done by a professional in Orlando Florida. That way families know the water they are drinking and using is safe, clean, and free of contamination. A pipe pigging professional in Orlando Florida can be consulted if there are concerns about dirty potable water pipes.