Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Client Centered Blog - Professional Piping

I created another blogspot blog:poly pig specialist

I haven't posted too much there, but it's a start. It's were I'll post articles about Professional Piping Services, Inc., one of my clients.

I've written here about how they use "poly pigs" to clean piping systems, track pipe locations and in general just help take care of industrial piping systems.

Expect to see more on the other blog in the months to come.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Florida Tree Fertilization

Florida is home to a wide variety of plants including many native and transplanted species of trees, shrubs and bushes.

Tampa, like many other parts of Florida, is also very urbanized. Trees living in the forest get their nutrients from soil that is constantly replenished by rotting leaves and other natural fertilizers. Our urban forests lack this natural system due to pavement, insect control and pretty much everything that makes a city what it is.

Even in our yards, we can't or won't let nature take it's full course. We rake up our leaves and we drive out or kill of insects and generally try to keep our yards "clean".

Having a tree that does not get proper nutrients can be unsightly and dangerous. Unsightly because the leaves can discolor and dangerous because an unhealthy tree might drop large branches, or fail completely, falling and crushing anything or anyone below.

Mid Florida Tree Service can test your soil to analyse it's pH and determine the levels of each macro-nutrient that your tree needs, accounting for the specific needs of the species of tree.

Beyond this, Mid Florida Tree Service can perform "Deep Root Feeding" so that the fertilizer is delivered to the tree and not to the grass.

Read more about tree fertilization at the Mid Florida Tree Service website.

Mid Florida Tree Service has been providing professional tree care in the Tampa, Brandon, Thonotosassa area since 1976, learning and developing along the way. When your trees need service, trust Mid Florida Tree Service.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pipe System Maintenance

Going as far back as when people used hollow logs & bamboo jammed into mountainsides to deliver spring water, piping systems operators have constantly had to solve one big problemin their systems: "Dirty Pipes"!

For a long time, the solution to the problem of dirty pipes was to remove and replace either a section or the entire system. This was disruptive, time consuming and very expensive. 

With modern pipes and modern cleaning systems, a piping system can be cleaned with litte disruption, and some systems can be cleaned with zero downtime. Miles of pipes can be cleaned in one normal workshift, often maintaining pressure in a safe, tolerable range.

Keeping your pipes at full capacity is not an operational luxury. Enforcement of current federal and state piping standards make it an operational necessity.

Professional Piping Services, Inc. has decades of experience cleaning and maintaining commercial, industrial and municipal pipes. When your piping system loses efficiency and you need to do something about it, remember Professional Piping Services, Inc.

Professional Piping Services, Inc. is a Certified Underground Utility Contractor with License Number CU-C055717

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pipe Poly Pigging in Brandon Florida

Brandon, in Eastern Hillsborough County, is growing fast! All that growth means a lot of development of homes and businesses.

That, of course, requires more drinking water an produces more waste water or sewage.

When the Brandon Florida piping systems require upgrades, or if their flow volume has degraded below designed specifications, there may be a time that Hillsborough County contractors may need the services of a pipe poly pigging expert.

When a new pipe system is completed, it's a good idea to have the fresh system cleaned with a pipe pig to remove any construction debris.

If increase use has highlighted reduced flow in an otherwise functional system, treatment with a poly pig can restore full flow volume, saving huge amounts of time and money.

During the course of pipe maintenance, there may will be times that you find the layout does not match the design. When this happens, an electronic sensor can be pigged through the system to map it foot by foot in 3 dimensions.

Brandon Piping contractors are encouraged to contact Professional Piping Services, Inc. for any for the above Industrial Pipe Maintenance services.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tampa Stump Grinding

If there's a stump in your Tampa yard, it's more than an eyesore. Stumps present a tripping hazard and make sections of your yard unusable. You could get sued if someone gets hurt on it. You might destroy your mower if it's low enough that you forget about it or misjudge the height of your deck.

Some species will keep growing back from the stump, sometime generating a bush. If that's now what you're after, you'll be busy keeping it cut back.

Besides forming unwanted bushes, and tripping your family and friends, and maybe tearing up your lawn equipment, stumps can become diseased. Remember, nature's stump removal is accomplished through termites, carpenter ants and other wood destroying insects, fungus and bacteria.

Tampa residents or business owners who need a stump removed should call Mid Florida Tree Service who have various sized stump grinders for different locations or stump sizes.

Visit to learn more about the services they offer.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tampa Raw Water Pipe Pigging

Over the course of their lifetime, Tampa Bay's raw water pipes need continuous routine maintenance in order to function properly and safely deliver water. Without it, they can be subject to debris, corrosion, and structural failure. Cleaning pigs assist in all areas of pipeline maintenance, including debris removal, as well as helping to clear air out of any lines.

A crucial benefit that cleaning pigs provide is that while they are in use, a pipeline can often still function normally with no interference. Very important for a large metro area like Tampa Bay, that depends heavily on functioning pipelines. Several different sizes of pigs are/can be used in conjunction; for example, a larger pig may be sent into a pipeline for heavy cleaning, followed up by lighter pigs to clean up whatever is left over.

Pigs come in all sorts of different shapes and styles. They can have a gel coating on the exterior, or have a bullet shape, flat ends, or even a crossing pattern style with embedded silicone carbide. Shape dictates the speed in which a pig travels in the pipe, and a faster pig is able to remove more stubborn debris and buildup. Pigs with gel coating are more commonly used for general or light cleaning, while pigs with silicone carbide are used for cleaning lines with buildup or corrosion (this is because the silicone carbide has a rough coating). Additionally, foam pigs offer flexibility when a project requires cleaning pipes with bends or changing-diameters.

Another type of pig is called a "Mandrel"; Mandrel pigs have a metal exterior that contains seals, discs, and scraping equipment. In addition to cleaning and sealing, they can be used to check a line for its diameter, as well as drying lines when needed. Mandrel's have attachments for additional debris-scraping discs, as well as attachments for additional cups and brushes.

Lastly, different pipelines require different pigs. Cleaning a PVC pipe with plastic-bristle foam pigs is okay as the bristles will not remove the coatings and will take care of most of the build-up. A gas line with internal coating will be cleaned by a polyurethane pig, as it doesn't have external cleaning equipment that can harm or remove the coating. If there was no coating, a cleaning pig that is equipped with brushes could be used. Polyurethane pigs are also ideal for cleaning an oil pipeline (or something comparable) as they are strong enough to remove internal wax buildup or even water.

With a population of over 3 million people, it is imperative that Tampa Bay's pipes are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis for the people who depend on them.