Monday, December 24, 2007

cURL multipart form data file upload

I searched long and hard with that as a search phrase, and only found others asking how to do it. I finally figure it out, Praise God!
If you are struggling with cURL trying to upload files as part of a POST action form in PHP, try this: cURL multipart form data file upload

I posted a brief explanation and my complete code (modified for privacy of course).

This link sat broken for quite some time, but has recently been restored!

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

A friend of mine wrote an article. I decided to paste an excerpt here. you can read the full story here.

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

by Sherman Lin

"Target Marketing" Most people and companies are aware of that term. Target Marketing is advertising to a specific segment or subgroup of the general population that you believe will lead to a higher sales return than everyone in the general population at large. If you have placed fliers in your neighborhood or sent them out by mail then you have practiced it and your target market was people living in a certain geographic area.

We’ve all seen target marketing. If you watch ESPN or sports on television you will see a higher number of beer ads than if you were watching CNN, the Disney Channel or the Discovery Channel. Those beer companies are target marketing to the audience that they believe are more likely to be beer drinkers. Of course there are probably some beer drinkers watching CNN, Disney and Discovery too, but they are a smaller percentage of the audience. The trick is to get your message to those people most likely to be a potential customer.

So how can your business focus on those customers most likely to be your potential customer?
The answer is simple.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


By the way, I noticed links in my comments were getting the "nofollow" added. I fixed it.

Back off spammers! I still moderate all comments.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jim Wang is a Jackass

Just kidding!
I have never met the guy.

If I followed correctly, Jim Wang writes both Blueprint to Financial Prosperity and Microblogger

Microblogger had a great bit called "Link Bait". Check it out.

(I just found that link was broken, and replaced it with a new version.)


I heard a long time ago that Mesothelioma was a great advertising word. I have heard it repeated, and seen made for Adsense sites dedicated to it.

Picked up from

"Effective Cost per Thousand impressions (eCPM) is directly related to the content of the advertisements being displayed by your contextual block - if you write about blue widgets, you’ll see blue widgets. If you write about structured settlements, you’ll see advertisements about structured settlements. When you write about mesothelioma, your eCPM (if people click on the ads) will be higher than if you wrote about structured settlements, which will be higher than if you wrote about blue widgets. The content of your site, and this is why niche selection is crucial if you’re in it for the money, is what will dictate your eCPM - not your layout."

I don't know how prevalent this particular cancer really is, I am kind of surprised that asbestos related illness is still a concern. I hope that people who need mesothelioma treatment can find the sites they need, knowing they'll have to weed out all the made for Adsense sites and Mesothelioma blogs that really have nothing to do with fighting cancer or filing lawsuits against asbestos using companies.

Monday, October 29, 2007

My $.02 on Google pagerank (aka TBPR)

In the image below, the green bar on the left indicates the previous PR scale and the second bar represents the updated PR scale. This image demonstrates what is happening to PR on some sites. Other sites may actually take hits as Google changes the algorithm, but if its just a matter of TBPR and no SERP change, this is likely the reason. You will need to click on the image to see it full size.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pickled Crickets

Wow! It sure is easy to fall behind in making posts. Over half way through October and I haven't posted all month.

What I have done though, is to create a new blog. I am still using blogger, but I used my own domain name. Check out Pickled Crickets. - - Not much there yet, but it's a start. I'll probably fill it with some pretty whacky stuff.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blogger Features

I am trying out a new blogger feature. I wonder how well it will work. Just to have something in here I'll include a link to my PHP MySQL related website, That's a programming site that I am building. It is under development, and under-developed. I don't spend enough time working on it because I am usually busy doing other things. My programming skills in php and mysql have improved greatly over the last year and a half. The coding on that site doesn't do me justice.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I had to change templates because the video I posted was stretching the site. Too bad I couldn't find a stretched version of my previous template. I may have to figure out how to modify a template myself.

I know it doesn't matter to the search engines, but I want to keep a good Web Design appearance.

Google Indexing

Whoo Hoo!
I finally got indexed by google ""

Now if only I could get some page rank, that would be great.
I also would love to have Google re-index this page. My friend, Sherman Lin, wrote it. It's pretty darned good. Ulitmate Marketing Tool

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Although my blog is very, very young. I open it to review. Post your comments to let me know what you think of it.

Thanks, TecBrat

Not much

Not much to write today, but I don't want to get out of the habit of putting a little something here.

Technorati found my blog. Google hasn't indexed it yet, but a couple of scrapers have. Google found them easily enough. Guess I just need to be patient. SEO will come in time.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Links Back

I submitted my site to bloghub today. I'll put their link here, and I might put it somewhere else later.
Blog Directory

I also submitted to BlogCatalog
Personal Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

Site Scraping

I don't mind people scraping my blog, as a matter of fact I would really encourage it. But don't put nofollow in the linkback!

I figure that putting my stuff on your site with a good link back is community. Putting my stuff on your commercial website to draw in pageviews and add content for spiders to eat up and not giving me a good link is just plain stealing.

I'm sure there are other bloggers that feel this way. Traffic is great, but SEO would be appreciated. If my page has information that is relevant to your site and your visitors, then let the search engines know it too.

Tecbrat PHP Programmer Tampa Website Design

Friday, August 31, 2007

Tampa Software Developer

Tampa Software Developer is important to me because it is my personal site. It is still under development, but I have made it visible to the public anyway. It will show my successes as I work in PHP, Perl, MySQL Linux BASH and other web tools. My focus is on web application development and modification of open source scripts.

The website mentione in this post is now my professional site where I offer my services as a PHP Web Developer. My current focus is on maintaining existing sites and learning the ins and outs of WordPress as a user and perhaps as a developer.

Tampa Website Design

Tampa Website Design is important to me because that's where I (used to) work. We specialize in high quality, graphically appealing, high ranking natural SEO websites. We also design postcards, business cards and flyers. Our Web Design includes the graphic display, forms, and e-commerce. We are exploring more and more custom database work as well. 

This post is old. JH Studios has re-focused on promotional products while I have started my own web hosting and development site:

Just Getting Started

I am not sure yet what I will put in my blog, but I know I'll link to a few sites that are important to me for one reason or another.