Thursday, January 8, 2015

Corporate Tax Returns

Each tax season, corporations need to minimize their tax burden to maximize their actual realized profits. Choosing the right team to prepare your taxes is an important decision. In addition, you must be prepared to provide all the right documents to your tax preparation specialists.

Make sure you have your banks statements for all your accounts and your payroll reports. Remember to gather all your w-2s and w-3s. Pull together your 1099s from all your contractors.

When you purchase fixed assets, real estate or vehicles, keep your receipts and present them to your prep-team.

Any pending IRS notices are of extreme importance.

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Accountability Team LLC provides tax services to business and individuals with a client focused approach that takes the one of a kind situations of each client into consideration to ensure the best outcome each tax season.

Financial Counselor

I wrote about my client, Common Sense Business Solutions, who among other things does business coaching.

Today I want to write about a more personal aspect of her (Cynthia's) business. That is Financial Counseling which often comes at the most difficult time in a person's life.

For an individual or couple deep in debt, being harassed by persistent debt collectors and even considering bankruptcy, a skilled, experienced financial counselor is an invaluable aid.

Financial hardship can be the most disruptive event a marriage can face. Don't let your relationship be destroyed when a counselor is available to help resolve these issues.