Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pipeline Pigging Health, Safety and The Environment

Health, Safety and The Environment

In Industrial Pipe Pigging, all operations must be managed in a manner which protects the health and safety of its workers, clients and the general population, and prevents damage to property.The procedure also must protect the Environment and carefully comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Safety is essential to the success of any company. Safety is always the highest priority, no matter the scale of the project or how urgent the situation becomes. Anyone performing this work must be provided with the proper tools and training to perform these tasks safely, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Pipeline pigging employees must be empowered with  the right and responsibility to prevent accidents, avoid product releases and stop property losses. Employees and contractors must do their part to understand and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Good health, safe jobsites and protecting the environment are of the highest concern to any reputable Poly Pigging company.

One such company, with years of experience and headed by a recognized authority on the topic, Roger M Cimbora, Sr, is Professional Piping Services, Inc.

Professional Piping Services, Inc. ensures all personnel have received appropriate training and have the appropriate experience to complete any assigned task and provides procedures to complete all assigned work safely. The appropriate tools and equipment are provided to ensure the work is done safely.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Mid Florida Tree Service

If you've kept up with Mid Florida Tree Service, you'll notice a distinct change in the appearance of their website. It's still the family owned and operated business it's been since the 1970's. Second generation leadership, in the form of Tim Jones who helped his father from the beginning, continues to move the company forward.

Tim and company have skill, experience and the right tree trimming equipment to handle any project that mother nature throws at your property. Maybe you have a sick tree that needs soil analysis and fertilization, or have a tree that's been damaged by wind or lightning, or perhaps one of Florida's amazing Live Oaks has been uprooted, damaging your property and threatening to make it worse.

Don't wait! Call Mid Florida Tree service and let them handle the situation for you. Anyone can buy a chainsaw and call themselves an expert, but Mid Florida has the history and a great list of testimonials to assure you that these guys are the real deal.

Visit to see the new version of their site, and to learn more about the tree care services they offer.