Wednesday, June 8, 2016

there is no God the coffee pot

So, I was talking to my inlaws about CoWork Tampa, where I am a member, and about the fact that they have a single cup coffee machine. I was about to do a google search for "Flavia Coffee Pods" but I hit the microphone icon instead of the text box.

Google then did a search for the following text.
there is no God the coffee pot in there and everyone was so my mom a couple times but mostly just going to make up a single
We found this hilarious!

On my mobile phone, I could only see the first few words, so I visited where I could get the full text and actually listen to the audio it had recorded of me. I did my own transcript of what it actually overheard and turned into the above comical rant.
there is uh, they've got a uh coffee pot there, and every once in a while somebody will go make up a pot, but most people just go and make up a single cup.

The moral, be careful when you hit the google search box 'cause voice search is crazy!