Thursday, March 17, 2016

Preserve your trees

In taking care of my client's sites, I often learn new things. Today I was learning about stress in trees.

I'm not talking about an angry boss, or worrying about how to pay for college tuition. I'm talking about things that might harm your tree or make it unhealthy.

Give your tree the best fighting chance!

When a tree is obviously damaged by wind, lightning, a car-crash, fire, or root destruction by construction equipment, It's clear that action needs to be taken to either nurse the tree back to health, or to remove it if it is irreparable and dangerous.

There are other issues that might stress your tree and give no clear indication that there's a problem. For example, the soil may become compacted, preventing proper water absorption, the water drainage might be changed, your tree might be affected by airborne pollutants or salt water. Some signs of this subtle stress are yellowing leaves, smaller than normal leaves, dropping branches or limbs, developing a staghead or deer antler appearance.

Once a tree has suffered some kind of stress, whether quick and severe or more chronically, it can fall into a stress cycle, much like a sick person who becomes less capable of fighting off infection. Bacteria, virus, insects and fungi that wouldn't normally pose much of a danger to a healthy tree may find a foothold on a stressed tree, thus introducing even more stress, until ultimately the tree dies.

Just like human medicine, the best treatment is prevention, but when that fails, trust a certified arborist to asses your trees, save them if possible, or safely remove them if necessary.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Protect your reputation

Trust is earned. When you get a new customer, they actually loan you a bit of trust that you have to pay back over time by being trustworthy and providing excellent service. When you've finally reached a positive balance of trust with that customer, you don't want anything to upset it.

One of my favorite articles on the website of my customer Cynthia, of Common Sense Business Solutions, talks about the "Referral Bomb". If there's a company that you trust, and you suggest them to your customer, and they take good care of your customer, then even if it doesn't give you any cash, it earns you more of that precious trust. BUT, If your referral flops, or worse yet, defrauds your customer, then you have proverbial egg on your face and your customer will BLAME YOU for the failure of your referral. Because of the potential upside, you will probably want to consider some referrals, but you MUST understand the risk they pose. 

At Common Sense Business Solutions, Cynthia's main service is as a business coach. Her clients trust her explicitly because she refuses to refer anyone that she hasn't thoroughly vetted herself. She's earned my trust and I'll gladly loan a bit of that trust to anyone she refers to me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prevent Tax ID Theft

In the U.S., the tax deadline is approaching. Many wait until the last minute to file.

There's a reason to file early that becomes more and more important each year: Tax ID Theft

Sure, you shred all your documents, keep your anti-virus up to date, and do business with reputable companies.

BUT! Even reputable companies and the U.S. government and local agencies can get HACKED!

One of the best ways to defeat a tax id fraudster is simply to beat them in the race to get filed. The IRS will flag a second hit on the same SSN and the fraudster will likely move on to easier targets.

I've covered this concept before, but I think we need to look at it every year to keep each other vigilant! See more at

Orlando Photo Booth Rental

Orlando is a popular wedding destination, as is the entire state of Florida.

One fun thing to add to a great wedding reception is a photo booth. All your friends and family can have fun sitting in the booth and goofing off and taking fun pictures.

At the end of the day, you can get a DVD of all the great pictures they took. Everybody gets to enjoy the fun!

Don't be fooled by the name: offers SO MUCH more than giant balloons for fun family parties or corporate events.

According to their page on the topic: Photo Booth Rental, they will price-match anyone in Orlando if the booth is the same type. They'll also go anywhere in the state if you need them to.

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