Monday, July 24, 2017

Social Media Poison

There has been a lot written about social media addicted millennials who bury their heads in their phones and tweet and re-tweet faster than I can get my phone out of my pocket.

I'm certainly not a Millennial. If I must be labeled, I fit squarely in the Gen X age group. I grew up on Transformers, Super Friends, GI Joe and The A Team.

There's a YouTube video meant to lampoon Millennials' addiction to their phones and I found it oddly convicting of my own habits. Though for me, it's my PC much more than my phone. I don't know if his numbers are made up, or if he's using real stats, but I've read plenty about the dopamine hit that people get when they check their phones, statuses, timelines or wall.

I was prompted to write this as I was sitting, trying to get actual work done, and I could feel the desire to access my social media account and I actually felt like I was missing something by not checking for updates.

Mellennials, it's not just you. Social Media is an addictive poison that saps our productivity and stunts our social and financial growth. I don't have a solution yet. Like other addicts, I'm not willing to go cold turkey from it, but I recognize it for the problem that it is.