Friday, November 25, 2016


Because of my client, Professional Piping Services, Inc., I am learning about piping systems.

Regardless of the type of pipes or what they carry, drinking water, waste water, effluent water, oil, gasoline, chemicals, gasses such as helium and oxygen, slurries and other substances, keeping them clean and at full flow is of great importance.

For oxygen / ozone systems, post construction cleaning is requred to ensure that the pipes and components do not contain oils, construction debris, contaminants, acids, solvents, welding slag, dirt, other foreign substance and that the pipe surfaces are not oxidized.

Failure to properly prepare these systems can result in dangerous, violent reactions inline with the potential to damage or destroy the system and equipment.

C.G.A. G-4.1

The Compressed Gas Association, (CGA), has issued a directive, C.G.A. G-4.1 to specify the implementation of oxygen service equipment cleaning.

My client, Professionl Piping Services Inc, ensures that all their oxygen system work is in compliance with C.G.A. G-4.1.
Their, personnel are trained & accredited to comply with OSHA29, CFR 1910.120, Health and Safety Training
PPSI uses specialize tools and equipment designed specifically to reliably and safely clean these sensitive gas piping systems.

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