Friday, August 31, 2007

Tampa Software Developer

Tampa Software Developer is important to me because it is my personal site. It is still under development, but I have made it visible to the public anyway. It will show my successes as I work in PHP, Perl, MySQL Linux BASH and other web tools. My focus is on web application development and modification of open source scripts.

The website mentione in this post is now my professional site where I offer my services as a PHP Web Developer. My current focus is on maintaining existing sites and learning the ins and outs of WordPress as a user and perhaps as a developer.

Tampa Website Design

Tampa Website Design is important to me because that's where I (used to) work. We specialize in high quality, graphically appealing, high ranking natural SEO websites. We also design postcards, business cards and flyers. Our Web Design includes the graphic display, forms, and e-commerce. We are exploring more and more custom database work as well. 

This post is old. JH Studios has re-focused on promotional products while I have started my own web hosting and development site:

Just Getting Started

I am not sure yet what I will put in my blog, but I know I'll link to a few sites that are important to me for one reason or another.