Friday, August 12, 2016

Thermal Equipment Industrial Burners

There's a client (another client) I used to work with at JH Studios who I've been working with from for a while now, but we just started working on his SEO. That client is Thermal Equipment Systems, Inc.

The products offered by are burners used in heavy duty industry and could include extremely high temperature incinerators, kilns or giant bread ovens.

These products wouldn't be complete without proper control devices and safety equipment, so of course those are on offer as well.

Ok Thermal, Let's do this!

New Client - Professional Piping Services, Inc.

I've written before that my previous employer, JH Studios, Inc., often refers clients to me. Depending on the situation, I'll host their site, or JH Studios might keep it, and I'll just do the work.

This is one where I'm just doing the work. I'm very satisfied with the way it turned out. The site was designed about 12 years ago by Virgil Mandanici's "Wizard Workz". It hadn't changed much in those 12 years, and as desktops and laptop screens got wider, and skinny smartphone screens became popular, the old design just didn't fit well.

I was given the opportunity to re-build the site to be more friendly to both wider screens, and mobile devices.

Here's what is used to look like:

I think the new design is very true to the original while making it mobile friendly.

As always, when I get a client in a new industry, I begin learning more about that industry. I'll be writing more articles about Professional Piping Services, Inc. soon, probably on my weebly blog.