Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jim Wang is a Jackass

Just kidding!
I have never met the guy.

If I followed correctly, Jim Wang writes both Blueprint to Financial Prosperity and Microblogger

Microblogger had a great bit called "Link Bait". Check it out.

(I just found that link was broken, and replaced it with a new version.)


I heard a long time ago that Mesothelioma was a great advertising word. I have heard it repeated, and seen made for Adsense sites dedicated to it.

Picked up from

"Effective Cost per Thousand impressions (eCPM) is directly related to the content of the advertisements being displayed by your contextual block - if you write about blue widgets, you’ll see blue widgets. If you write about structured settlements, you’ll see advertisements about structured settlements. When you write about mesothelioma, your eCPM (if people click on the ads) will be higher than if you wrote about structured settlements, which will be higher than if you wrote about blue widgets. The content of your site, and this is why niche selection is crucial if you’re in it for the money, is what will dictate your eCPM - not your layout."

I don't know how prevalent this particular cancer really is, I am kind of surprised that asbestos related illness is still a concern. I hope that people who need mesothelioma treatment can find the sites they need, knowing they'll have to weed out all the made for Adsense sites and Mesothelioma blogs that really have nothing to do with fighting cancer or filing lawsuits against asbestos using companies.