Friday, December 21, 2012

Geek Meets

I have discovered a website called Meetup where people find like minded people to, well, meet up. I joined "PHP as a Social Activity". The first meeting I attended was actually joint meetup with SLUG, the Suncoast Linux User Group. A young man named Brad gave me a Linux CD (Ubuntu) and I have since installed Ubuntu server on an OLD IBM NetVist computer that someone gave me several years ago. I actually have 4 websites running on it, but they are all just coming soon pages because I haven't take the time to do anything else with them.

So, now I'm not only  a coding geek, but I'm on my way to being a Linux geek too.

I am now a member of both meetups.

There is talk about a "Maker Space" or "Hacker Space". I hope to be able to get involoved in that too.
(Wiki :hackerspace)

We had a good meeting at Panera Bread on Westshore in Tampa last night. I was a little over an hour late, but I still had time to engage with Sam, Matt and Dan.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Franklin, Morse, Bell, Marconi and Tomlinson

I was looking for something completely unrelated and found a link to "Who sent the first email?" I thought Mr. Tomlinson needed to be  remembered along with other important historical figures in the realm of communications, so I am just adding one more little mention on this HUGE internet he had such a large part in creating. Thank you Mr. Tomlinson.

Benjamin Franklin: Printing Press
Samuel Morse: Contributed to the invention of the Telegraph
Alexander Bell: Telephone
Marconi: Wireless Communication
Tomlinson: eMail (and played a role in creating the internet in general)