Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dark Roast Coffee is an insult to a good bean!

I am not a coffee aficionado. I like coffee ice cream. I like coffee flavored candy, but if you serve me Folgers, Maxwell House, or just about any coffee I've ever encountered, I have to smother it in cream and sugar until it resembles those previously mentioned tasty treats.

I thought that's just how it is! Some seem to take the idea of drinking darker and darker roasts as a challenge in the same way that I might inflict upon myself the delights of habeneros, ghosts and scorpions, or really strong sauerkraut or kimchi.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wireless Fidelity?

This morning, as the WiFi signal waxed and waned from her tablet, my wife asked me "What's the 'fi' in 'WiFi' mean."

I told her it really doesn't mean anything, but it was intended to be familiar, thanks to professional audio equipment known as "Hi-Fi" for High Fidelity that means the output is as close to the input as possible, but that "Wireless Fidelity" really didn't mean anything.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Approaching 5000 total views

I started this blog a little over 8 1/2 years ago, on 8/31/07.

I posted less then 20 times that year, and even less frequently in the following years, until I started running my own business and blogging about my clients, in addition to my own opinions and ramblings.

About a year ago, I posted that I had hit 3000 veiws, so getting to 5k (a 2k improvement) in just over a year is again encouraging.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Tampa Land Clearing

Not all tree trimming is as straight forward as showing up with a truck and chainsaws. There may be environmental concerns such as sensitive wildlife or nearby creeks, streams or rivers. Perhaps there's work to be done near a grand oak or other protected tree and the weight of heavy equipment might compact the soil or otherwise damage it's roots.

Whatever the issue, there are times when hand-clearing is needed. When that time comes, trust a professional to do the job right, to protect the environment, to protect old growth trees, and to get your lot looking just the way it should.