Thursday, February 18, 2016

Emergency Tree Service

If you're in or around Tampa, Florida, there's a good chance you've witnessed the tremendous power that our local thunderstorms carry. Dropping huge amounts of rain, strong winds and arguably the most lightning strike per year of any city in the country, there's plenty of opportunity to have a tree damaged or destroyed.

If one of these damaged trees falls on or near your house, you'll need a professional arborist to evaluate the situation and get it removed without causing any (additional) damage.

Don't go near the fallen tree until it's been inspected! You never know if it might fall further or drop large limbs.

Working in the Tampa area for decades, Mid-Florida Tree Service has plenty of experience providing this type of emergency tree service.

Testimonial Gold

Customer reviews and testimonials are like gold. When  a customer goes online searching for information about your company, positive reviews and testimonials can make all the difference in capturing that business.

If your customers have taken the time to tell you how great you are and how much they appreciate the job you do, take full advantage of that and put it on your website.

My customer, Cynthia Alloway of Common Sense Business Solutions, is a good example of this.

Her customers LOVE her. She gives them excellent service and they reward her with amazing testimonials like this:

For anyone considering hiring Cynthia Alloway, your efforts, time and money will NOT be wasted. Cynthia is one of the most "on task" persons I have ever worked with. She gives an amazingly thorough evaluation and analysis of your business...
And this:
 I just wanted to take a minute and say Thank you for your time and wisdom. It really opened our eyes on the complexity of a partnership. ... You are an awesome resource and as I go through clients, I will keep you in mind as a referral.
So, don't be afraid to ask for testimonials and, once you have them, make sure you include them on your website!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tampa Corporate Taxes

When it comes to a home for your business, Tampa Florida has a lot to offer. It has consistently been rated among the best for cost of doing business. There's a great talent pool of skilled professionals. The climate is inviting and there's plenty of entertainment and culture to keep your employees satisfied.

Florida has no state income tax and a reasonable sales tax rate in comparison to other large cities.

For consumer oriented business, there is a diverse market of middle and high wage earners.

Once you've decided to open your business in the Tampa area, you'll need to consider some of the professional services you'll use.

An important choice is your CPA who may serve as your personal and corporate tax expert.

My client, Tanya Higginbotham of Accountability Team LLC, may be just the person you're looking for. She has years of experience in Tampa and the surrounding towns. Give her a call for more information: 813-689-6413

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Orlando Searchlight Rental

Whether you call them "Searchlights", "Seach lights" or even "Spot Lights", those swirling lights we've all become so accustom to seeing have an automatic "wow" factor.

If you're a business owner or event coordinator looking for a huge impact, consider skytracker searchlights to do just that. If you're in a highly competitive market like Orlando, Florida, you know that ordinary just doesn't cut it.

If you REALLY want to make an impact, rent several 4 beam trucks to highlight your grand opening gala or other event.

Of course, you need to know who to contact about this: Giant Balloon Rental offers so much more than balloons. If you're looking for any kind of outdoor advertising, check with them first!

Searchlights employ super bright bulbs to create magnificent beams that sway through the night sky. Clear or cloudy, the search beams continue to attract attention from a distance.

Giant Balloon Rental does not limit themselves to the Orlando Florida area. One would expect them to cover Kissimmee and St. Cloud, but they also cover all the way from Pensacola to Tampa to Key West, Miami, Daytona and Jacksonville. If you need to rent a searchlight in Florida, they've got you covered.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Christian Metal - No Screamo

I enjoy heavy metal music. I am a Christian, so naturally I'd like to hear some Christian bands play heavy metal music.

So often I'll start listening to a new Christian metal song, really enjoying the heavy drums and wailing guitar and then the vocalist starts growling and screaming and I turn it off.

I've heard a few bands like Skillet, Kutless & Pillar. Decyfer Down Is really good too, but I'm really trying to find more.

I started a collaborative playlist on Spotify. I hope some people will find this post, be interested, and help by adding a few songs.

If you're a Spotify user, a Christian, and a heavy metal fan, feel free to give it a try.

AKA TecBrat.