Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Your reputation is at stake every time you refer someone

Be certain that you know a company well, and that their goods and services are top-notch before you suggest them to a client. You are lending a bit of your own trust to the referred company. You must be certain that they will take good care of your client and leave you better and not worse for having recommended them.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Does a small business really need a CPA?

There's a new post on one of my client's sites about whether or not a small business needs a CPA. Every small business is different, but there are some really good reasons that certainly push in that direction.

You can hire an accountant, but they are not the same. The CPA has a lot of  training and a state run test to get their license, and they have to continually update their training and take follow up tests.

Hiring a CPA ensures you have a professional who is qualified and stays up to date on bookkeeping and tax law.

A CPA can evaluate your entire financial situation and make recommendations based on your income and expendatures.

If there is an audit, a CPA can represent you when talking to and dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.

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