Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tampa Business Coach

If you own a business, or are thinking of starting a business in the Tampa Bay area, the opportunities that exist in a young, growing city are plentiful. Daily, more and more people move to Florida, as they are drawn to the great attractions, professional sports teams, and beautiful weather. This increase in population gifts you many new customers and possibilities for business growth.

No matter whether you are a new business owner, a veteran in the industry, or just have a great idea, you always will have an advantage of partnering with a business coach.

A business coach can help you in ways you never imagined, in addition to increasing sales and profit margins. A coach will teach you specific skills in marketing your business, identifying your customer base, and steps to reach out to new business. An organized plan of action created by your business coach will outline the steps you need to take in growing your company. You will receive not only give you steps to grow outward, but will help you develop as a manager, a leader, and a role model to your employees.

Your coach will help you identify practices that hurt your business, and institute procedures that ensure your business runs efficiently. While accountability systems will also be established, it is important to remember that the effort to grow your business must come from you as well! Your plan will be outlined, but it is only as good as its execution.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Don't wait until tax season

Don't wait until tax season to choose an accountant or CPA.

Sure, if you are a single person with very simple situations and can file an EZ form, then you might not need to consider this, but entrepreneurs and small business owners will want to get the best advice from the beginning of the year, and throughout.

Remember that your CPA isn't just thinking of minimizing your taxes. That's part of his or her job, but if you fully leverage their expertise, you may find inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement, thereby reducing your operating costs and increasing your profits.

Your CPA may be able to help analyze the financial health of a company where you are considering making an investment, and show you how decisions you've already made have impacted your earnings, positively or negatively.

Another good reason to develop a good working relationship with your CPA early is so that when the tax rush begins, he or she already has your info, they are already familiar with your situations, and you will likely have already discussed all the correct documents and you'll have either already provided them, or at least you already know how your CPA needs the files to be delivered.

Choose a skilled CPA now. Don't wait for tax season.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

YouTube Channels

I now have 2 YouTube channels.

The older one, TecBrat,  has a few videos from my clients (Actually JH Studios clients), and one I just made with the webcam built into my laptop. I'll probably add more on a wide range of topics.

Edit: I uploaded a great video on how to monetize your YouTube content:

Today I created a new one, TecBrat Drives around Tampa Bay. I made it really just to play around with monetizing YouTube to see what happens.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tree Planting Season

As we shift into spring, it’s a great time to plant a tree.Tree Services Sacramento tree experts say it’s the best time to plant because the trees can establish themselves now before the hot weather comes. How do you decide what trees to plant in your yard? There are many different factors to think about before planting on your landscape, including what function are they going to serve? Do you have a suitable growing site? Are you going to shade a patio? Do you want to hide an ugly view? Do you want to enhance the overall look of a landscape with a tree? Should I have a tree service company give me their opinion on what I want to do?

Tree Services Sacramento advises would-be tree planters to consider the following factors when selecting a tree:
  • Moisture - What are the moisture requirements for the life of the tree?
  • Maintenance - Are there maintenance requirements for the life of the tree, and am I able to fulfill the requirements?
  • Hardiness - What’s the plants ability to survive extremes of winter cold and summer heat, and sudden temperature swings?
  • Growth - Do you know the growth rate above and below ground, and do you have the space for the tree?

A tree services company with an arborist can help you decide which trees perform well in your local area. A tree service professional will analyze the planting area to determine the compatibility of the tree to the site. Environmental determinations may include:
  • Soil conditions, such as poor drainage, high or low pH, and soil nutrition are all important factors one should know before planting a new tree.
  • Disease and insect problems can limit your selections.
  • The presence or absence of channelized winds may be a huge factor in deciding to plant a specific tree species.
  • The location of utilities, both above and under ground are a must know before planting a new tree.

A Tree Services Sacramento Arborist can assess your landscape and work with you to decide the best trees to plant on your property. Call a Tree Services Sacramento arborist today at 916-900-1167.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kissimmee Outdoor Advertising

About a year ago, I wrote on another blog, about using searchlights and LED signs from my giant balloon rental customer to advertise your company.

If you frequent my blog, you are no doubt familiar with Giant Balloon Rental out of Orlando, Florida.

Right next to Orlando is a town called "Kissimmee". This is where many people choose to stay when visiting the Disney World parks or Universal Studios.

It's proximity to Orlando, and therefore the theme parks, makes Kissimmee a great place to do business. There is a  13-mile section of West 192 that got a great makeover a few years ago, helping the tourism industry here to thrive.

All this opportunity also brings a lot of competition. In order to be heard among the noise of a busy tourist city like Kissimmee, you need something big, colorful and unique.

A giant character balloon and perhaps several giant helium balloons are a perfect way to get someone's attention.

When the sun goes down, bring out the searchlights! Seen from miles away, these giant spot lights are recognized as a sign of something major happening. Let that something be your business!

Giant Balloon Rental also offers helium tank rental, photo booths, and wind dancers.