Monday, December 24, 2007

cURL multipart form data file upload

I searched long and hard with that as a search phrase, and only found others asking how to do it. I finally figure it out, Praise God!
If you are struggling with cURL trying to upload files as part of a POST action form in PHP, try this: cURL multipart form data file upload

I posted a brief explanation and my complete code (modified for privacy of course).

This link sat broken for quite some time, but has recently been restored!

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

A friend of mine wrote an article. I decided to paste an excerpt here. you can read the full story here.

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

by Sherman Lin

"Target Marketing" Most people and companies are aware of that term. Target Marketing is advertising to a specific segment or subgroup of the general population that you believe will lead to a higher sales return than everyone in the general population at large. If you have placed fliers in your neighborhood or sent them out by mail then you have practiced it and your target market was people living in a certain geographic area.

We’ve all seen target marketing. If you watch ESPN or sports on television you will see a higher number of beer ads than if you were watching CNN, the Disney Channel or the Discovery Channel. Those beer companies are target marketing to the audience that they believe are more likely to be beer drinkers. Of course there are probably some beer drinkers watching CNN, Disney and Discovery too, but they are a smaller percentage of the audience. The trick is to get your message to those people most likely to be a potential customer.

So how can your business focus on those customers most likely to be your potential customer?
The answer is simple.