Friday, September 28, 2018

More insight into pipe pigging

While the technology of the hardware of pipeline pigs has stayed the same, or advanced slowly, the way we use them is changing very quickly.

We know that just running a pig through a pipe and calling it "clean" just doesn't cut it! When you run an inline inspection tool through the system, you expect your pig to reduce or eliminate lift off, allowing a more accurate result from magnetic flux leakage inspection. One also expects the pipeline's efficiency to be greatly improved after thorough pigging.

To achieve the most thorough cleaning and ensure the system is in peak condition, it is imperative to engage the services of a qualified pipeline-cleaning service company such as Professional Piping Services, Inc.

Mechanical pigs started out as pretty rustic devices thrown together from bailed fabric and barbed wire, and have matured into today's polyurethane marvels. Each manufacturer will choose their own types and ratios of pre-polymers and curatives that combine to create a castable product with various foam densities, abrasion resistance, elasticities and other variables that impact effectiveness and durability in given applications.

What kinds of Pigs are available?

The types of pigs, and the functions they provide, are as diverse as the piping industry itself. In general, pigs are sized with a 1.5 length to diameter ratio. This explains the importance of keeping your bends, or ells, to a minimum of 1.5D if you want them to be easily piggable. It is possible to use tandem pigs to navigate the tighter ells, if retrofitting an existing system is not an option.

In addition to Polly Foam or Urethane pigs, steel mandrel discs and cups can be used for certain applications.

The Polly foam types are generally made to match the Outside Diameter of the pipe. These pigs can navigate tight radius ells, miter bends, "T" intersections, multi-diameter piping systems and reduced port valves. Polly Foam Pigs can incorporate wire strip brushes for more thorough cleaning, a nose pull rope to assist in propulsion, transmitter cavity, making it a smart pig, and other accessories as may be required.

Unibody, single-body cast-polyurethane pigs, are designed to more aggressively clean than other Polly Pigs. They are commonly used to remove liquid from wet gas systems and liquid pipelines, reducing paraffin buildup in oil transport systems, clearing multi-use pipes between products and as a pre-clean between the construction process and initial use.

When using an ILI, it may be required to provide data before the ILI tool is introduced into the system. This data can be captured using a caliper pig. The Caliper pig and identify welds, taps, valve, Bends, wall thickness and more.

A smart pig was mentioned before, but let me explain. A smart pig (my client calls it Sherlock Pig. I don't know if that's a brand name, or just what they call it.) helps re-map the entire system. A pipeline's construction doesn't always go to plan, so the original documents may not provide an accurate picture of the finished system. The smart pig can identify lost branches and valves, changes in diameter, and can even specify depth in earth or water.

There is much more to this topic than the author can address at this time. When you need help with your piping system, don't trust me, trust my client, Professional Piping Services, Inc.

The author of this article has referenced source(s) from the internet including an article from The client for whom this is written is much more knowledgeable about the topic than the author. Any inaccuracy or error should be attributed to the author, and not the Poly Pig Specialists themselves, or the referenced article(s).

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Riverview Tree Service

Riverview Florida, as the name suggests, has a river running through it. That river is the Alifia. Historically, south of the river was called "South Shore", but if you check Google maps for that name, it puts a marker at the entrance to Summerfield on Big Bend and the connotation many people have of the name takes you as far away as Gibsonton and Apollo Beach.

No matter if you're talking about the old town of Riverview, the newly built up area around Sam's Club and the new branch of St. Joe's Hospital, or all the way over to "SouthShore", When you need trees trimmed or removed, my suggestion is Mid Florida Tree Service.

Mid Florida Tree service has been in business, at the time of this writing, about 42 years! Byron Jones ran the company and raised his family for decades until passing the proverbial reins to his son, Tim.

Tim continues to run the company with the passion for excellence instilled by his father, and serve customers with his dad's foundational quote, "Treat every customer as if they were your only customer."

Mid Florida tree service has the experience and equipment to handle all your tree service needs. That might include trimming trees to let a little more light in, removing dead wood to reduce fallout and prevent infection by bacteria and parasites, deep root fertilizing, root pruning, tree consulting, or, like happens from time to time, we get direct or indirect hit from a storm like Irma, or a triple punch like we got from Charley, Frances and Jeanne in 2004, emergency tree removal.

The temptation may be to grab a chainsaw and start cutting, but DON'T! The professionals know the hazards to look for and how to mitigate against them.

Riverview and SouthShore residents, when you need tree service, you need Mid Florida Tree Service.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pipeline Pigging Health, Safety and The Environment

Health, Safety and The Environment

In Industrial Pipe Pigging, all operations must be managed in a manner which protects the health and safety of its workers, clients and the general population, and prevents damage to property.The procedure also must protect the Environment and carefully comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Safety is essential to the success of any company. Safety is always the highest priority, no matter the scale of the project or how urgent the situation becomes. Anyone performing this work must be provided with the proper tools and training to perform these tasks safely, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Pipeline pigging employees must be empowered with  the right and responsibility to prevent accidents, avoid product releases and stop property losses. Employees and contractors must do their part to understand and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Good health, safe jobsites and protecting the environment are of the highest concern to any reputable Poly Pigging company.

One such company, with years of experience and headed by a recognized authority on the topic, Roger M Cimbora, Sr, is Professional Piping Services, Inc.

Professional Piping Services, Inc. ensures all personnel have received appropriate training and have the appropriate experience to complete any assigned task and provides procedures to complete all assigned work safely. The appropriate tools and equipment are provided to ensure the work is done safely.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Mid Florida Tree Service

If you've kept up with Mid Florida Tree Service, you'll notice a distinct change in the appearance of their website. It's still the family owned and operated business it's been since the 1970's. Second generation leadership, in the form of Tim Jones who helped his father from the beginning, continues to move the company forward.

Tim and company have skill, experience and the right tree trimming equipment to handle any project that mother nature throws at your property. Maybe you have a sick tree that needs soil analysis and fertilization, or have a tree that's been damaged by wind or lightning, or perhaps one of Florida's amazing Live Oaks has been uprooted, damaging your property and threatening to make it worse.

Don't wait! Call Mid Florida Tree service and let them handle the situation for you. Anyone can buy a chainsaw and call themselves an expert, but Mid Florida has the history and a great list of testimonials to assure you that these guys are the real deal.

Visit to see the new version of their site, and to learn more about the tree care services they offer.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Pipeline Pigging Considerations

There are various points to consider when choosing the best method for cleaning your industrial pipes. Below are a few of the most important considerations.

What you actually need to accomplish with a pig determines the type of pig you use. The first time you pig, you may choose a smart pig (branded as "Sherlock Pig") to map or re-map your piping system. Blueprints are not always seldom perfect!

If your system needs frequent runs, a pig with replaceable discs may be called for. If your system has tight corners, a flexible poly pig may be required. Professional Piping Services, Inc. (PPSI) has the experience to identify and apply the correct pig to your piping system.

System design and its fittings:
Existing pig launchers and receivers will influence what pigs can be used. Safety closures may be needed to prevent access to the system during cleaning. On the receiving end, a debri collection system will likely need to be implemented. If the system has branches, barred tees may be required to keep the pig on the right course. PPSI can access your system to help plan for whatever your system needs.

Valves and other obstructions:
If the internal diameter (I.D.) of the system varies throughout its course, or valves might interfere with the progress of a pig, PPSI will select a pig that can handle these challenges.

By carefully considering the design, layout, condition, product and objective of the process, PPSI is certain to provide you with the most efficient pipe pigging experience.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Thonotosassa Tree Service

Thonotosassa comes from Seminole Creek "thlonto" and "sasse" and is a reference to the valuable flint that was found in the area.

The town of Thonotosassa Florida grew as a result of it's proximity to Fort Brooke which became Tampa.

Thonotosassa has maintained it's rural feel and is therefor home to a large number of trees.

Residents and business owners in the area may often need work done on those trees. That work could be aesthetic, trimming branches & removing small deadwood, or more structural, removing larger pieces of deadwood and balancing the tree's crown or thinning as a wind mitigation technique.

Because Florida is often struck by severe weather, trees may be uprooted or struck by lightning and need emergency service.

There's a tree service company I've mentioned before, Mid Florida Tree Service, that's actually based in Thonotosassa. They serve the Tampa, Hillsborough area, but for those customers in Thonotosassa, it's good to have a hometown company with experience that can take care of your trees.

Mid Florida Tree Service was created in the 70s. It is a family business that is now run by the second generation. The staff is well trained and very experienced. Their work is guaranteed. If you are in Thonotosassa area (Or Temple Terrace, Tampa, Lutz...) and need work done on your trees, give them a call at 813-986-2258 or visit their website,

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Client Centered Blog - Professional Piping

I created another blogspot blog:poly pig specialist

I haven't posted too much there, but it's a start. It's were I'll post articles about Professional Piping Services, Inc., one of my clients.

I've written here about how they use "poly pigs" to clean piping systems, track pipe locations and in general just help take care of industrial piping systems.

Expect to see more on the other blog in the months to come.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Florida Tree Fertilization

Florida is home to a wide variety of plants including many native and transplanted species of trees, shrubs and bushes.

Tampa, like many other parts of Florida, is also very urbanized. Trees living in the forest get their nutrients from soil that is constantly replenished by rotting leaves and other natural fertilizers. Our urban forests lack this natural system due to pavement, insect control and pretty much everything that makes a city what it is.

Even in our yards, we can't or won't let nature take it's full course. We rake up our leaves and we drive out or kill of insects and generally try to keep our yards "clean".

Having a tree that does not get proper nutrients can be unsightly and dangerous. Unsightly because the leaves can discolor and dangerous because an unhealthy tree might drop large branches, or fail completely, falling and crushing anything or anyone below.

Mid Florida Tree Service can test your soil to analyse it's pH and determine the levels of each macro-nutrient that your tree needs, accounting for the specific needs of the species of tree.

Beyond this, Mid Florida Tree Service can perform "Deep Root Feeding" so that the fertilizer is delivered to the tree and not to the grass.

Read more about tree fertilization at the Mid Florida Tree Service website.

Mid Florida Tree Service has been providing professional tree care in the Tampa, Brandon, Thonotosassa area since 1976, learning and developing along the way. When your trees need service, trust Mid Florida Tree Service.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pipe System Maintenance

Going as far back as when people used hollow logs & bamboo jammed into mountainsides to deliver spring water, piping systems operators have constantly had to solve one big problemin their systems: "Dirty Pipes"!

For a long time, the solution to the problem of dirty pipes was to remove and replace either a section or the entire system. This was disruptive, time consuming and very expensive. 

With modern pipes and modern cleaning systems, a piping system can be cleaned with litte disruption, and some systems can be cleaned with zero downtime. Miles of pipes can be cleaned in one normal workshift, often maintaining pressure in a safe, tolerable range.

Keeping your pipes at full capacity is not an operational luxury. Enforcement of current federal and state piping standards make it an operational necessity.

Professional Piping Services, Inc. has decades of experience cleaning and maintaining commercial, industrial and municipal pipes. When your piping system loses efficiency and you need to do something about it, remember Professional Piping Services, Inc.

Professional Piping Services, Inc. is a Certified Underground Utility Contractor with License Number CU-C055717